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Find, or be, a superhero


Who is your hero?

We all look in life for role models and people who can inspire us, who we can look up to and model our lives after.

There is a major difference in how superheroes are portrayed today versus in the distant past. Researchers from University of Massachusetts find that today, superheroes are action heroes who participate in aggressive violence, who are sarcastic and rarely speak to the virtue of doing good for humanity.

When I asked a friend of mine, a retired teacher, who her hero was, she responded saying, “When I search for a hero, I don’t look at a famous actor or politician; I look at a man in a restaurant who lovingly and patiently feeds and cares for his disabled wife. That man is my hero,” she said.

Doing the right thing with a humble presence is the most powerful example that we can give to others. Helping others and giving back is one of the most satisfying and rewarding things to do in the world.

Take time to examine your life and ask yourself if people would look up to you for the things you have done. Become a hero for others by being kind and compassionate. Love and nurturance provide a foundation that enables us to trust and be less selfish.

Surround yourself with friends and people who inspire you. Watch movies and read books that challenge you to try harder to become a better and more refined person. Be on the lookout for ordinary people who live ordinary lives and yet perform extraordinary acts of caring and concern.

In times when famous actors and politicians let us down, don’t be discouraged. Be an example of kindness, compassion, integrity and ethical behavior. Work diligently to be a hero to others.

Stan Strycharz is a licensed psychologist practicing in Southwest Florida. He can be reached at drstan.net.

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