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Supersize your tee shots

Try this drill to get more distance from your swing. Try this drill to get more distance from your swing. If there is one thing every golfer wants, it’s more power. Even the players on tour want to hit longer drives. Recreational players do everything from lifting weights and trying to strengthen their cores to trying to swing out of their shoes to get more distance. But what we don’t realize is that the key to speed and power is a longer swing with more rotation. Try this simple drill to add both.

To properly lengthen your swing, you must make a real turn away from the ball. The key is rotating the center of the chest around your spine so the center of the chest moves clockwise (for a right-handed golfer) as far as it can without causing you any pain.

A common mistake recreational players make is that they merely move their left shoulders under their chins. But this doesn’t actually add length to your swing.

Try this drill. Place your driver behind your back and rotate the center of the chest until the club shaft is almost perpendicular to the target line. Turn both shoulders along with the center of the chest, and make 25 turns during each practice session. Your result? More distance on every swing.

Mark Moffatt is director of instruction at Shadow Wood Country Club. He can be reached at markm@swspotlight.com

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