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Towel drill helps correct fat and thin iron shots


Use your sand wedge for the bellied wedge shot. Use your sand wedge for the bellied wedge shot. If you catch most of your iron shots fat or thin your club is bottoming out before impact. Also, you’re probably hanging back on your right foot in an attempt to scoop the ball into the air.

To hit crisp iron shots you need to shift your weight onto your left foot and apply forward pressure with your body during the downswing so the club reaches the bottom of its arc slightly in front of the ball.

Try this drill. Place a golf towel about six inches behind the golf ball. The objective is to hit the ball, not the towel. This will quickly train you to move your body and the club in position to strike the ball cleanly, eliminating fat and thin shots.

Take half-swings at first to build up to your full motion. Once you have the feel for the move, remove the towel. You’ll know you’re on the right track when your divots start in front of the golf ball. Remember, add pressure to your left foot during the downswing to miss the towel and get explosive power.

Mark Moffatt is director of instruction at Shadow Wood Country Club. He can be reached at moffatt@swspotlight.com

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